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It can be easy to fall into negative thinking, but that limits our potential. Noticing the negative patterns is the first step in making a change and reorienting to the positive.

When we have a traumatic experience, our brain may be unable to accurately process and store what happened. This can leave us with beliefs which are inaccurate and unhelpful, but which continue to affect the decisions we make today. The good news is that these inaccurate beliefs, these old messages, can be updated with new, more adaptive learning and beliefs.

EMDR therapy sessions utilize dual awareness to allow for processing traumatic material with an emphasis on safety here and now. This can decrease distress around troubling memories, and increase ability to cope with triggers.

EMDR is a therapy tool which can be effective treating a number of issues including those related to trauma. It can be helpful in updating outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Wondering where that negative message in your head comes from? Old learning and the old messages stay in our day-to-day playbook until we work to learn something different and more helpful. They stick around until we update our learning.

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