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About Julie Shewman LPC

Welcome! My name is Julie Shewman.

I'm a licensed professional counselor in Anchorage, Alaska working with individuals from 18 to 102.

Through my counseling practice, my goal is to provide a safe place for my clients to explore.

What brings clients in?

  • Some clients come to work through short-term, situational type issues. Work stress, relationship challenges, parenting issues, dealing with the day-to-day and wanting something different.

  • Others come to work on long-held beliefs and ways of coping which may have worked at one time, but are proving ineffective and unhelpful in the here-and-now. They have come with old messages and beliefs about themselves and the world that are in need of updating.

Trauma and early experiences

I have a special interest in trauma and in how our experiences, particularly those growing up, continue to affect our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world today. These old beliefs can negatively affect us, holding us back in our personal and work relationships, and affecting how we relate to those closest to us--including our partners and our children.

Join the conversation!

With this blog I look forward to sharing information on a variety of subjects. I love to read and learn, and I also love to share what I"ve found. I hope you'll choose to follow my blog, to keep up with what's new, and to join in the conversation in a place that is safe, informative, and friendly.

I'm glad you're here!

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